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Whilst the quantity of internet content has exploded, innovation is stagnating. Where are all the interesting new ideas!? Don't worry, FriedSpace is here to relieve the boredom.


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01 - Jun - 2013 Minor site cleanup.

01 - Jul - 2006 Our site makeover is finally complete. Hope you like the new design.

01 - Jun - 2006 Our new Assembly Language Tutorial is well underway.

25 - May - 2006 We've given our site a makeover. It'll be a few days before we're done, but we hope you find the new layout easier to navigate and more interesting to look at.

18 - Mar - 2006 Module Five of our C Tutorial is underway. It's on graphics programming in C. We'll be using an easy to use graphics library (no Win32 programming is needed). It is called SDL (Simple Directmedia Layer), and it's FAST. We'll be writing a Space Invaders game, in colour!!!! It will all be written in Pelles C.

04 - Mar - 2006 - Added some new websites to the FriedSpace Boredom Breakers page. Enjoy!

03 - Mar - 2006 - Module Four of our beginners C Tutorial is complete. It is a complete machine emulator (it has a microprocessor with its own assembly language which you can program yourself)! This tutorial requires the latest version of Pelles C, which has been released over on the Pelles C website. You know what this means! Module Five is coming soon, and it will teach you how to do graphics in C (see the announcement below for details).

25 - Sep - 2005 - I've included the beginnings of a C Function Reference.

18 - Sep - 2005 - The FriedSpace Boredom Breakers go online. This is a list of websites which are almost guaranteed to always have something interesting or entertaining happening on them and to break your boredom.

10 - Sep - 2005 - The third module of our C Tutorial is complete. In this tutorial you will program a weblog editor! There has been a REALLY long wait due to me moving overseas. The fourth module will hopefully only take two weeks.

31 - Jul - 2005 - Our first free product is added. Sheesh! It's a fully operational Software Synthesizer with complete C and Assembly source code. Go get it!

30 - Jul - 2005 - The second module of our C Tutorial is completed. In this tutorial you construct a fully working Polish Postfix Calculator!

19 - Jul - 2005 - The first module of our C Tutorial appears.

12 - Jul - 2005 - FriedSpace.com goes live on the web!



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