Welcome to the FriedSpace C Programming Tutorial! On this page is a list of the modules available so far. New tutorials are added regularly, so check back and learn C from the absolute basics through to advanced programming topics.

Experts may wish to skip the first module, which is extremely verbose for the benefit of beginners. Alternatively, just read the summary which gives a quick overview of the material covered.



Module One : A Simple Input/Output Program

What is C? Assembly Language, C Compilers, The Linker, What is C++?
Hello World Program
C Comments, Compiling the Program, Program Basics, printf Function, Program Templates
Getting User Input
scanf, getchar, gets, printf (Continued), getche, Technicalities of User Input Variable Types and Format Strings
Integers, Floating Point Numbers, Characters, Output Format Strings, Input Format Strings
Summary of Module One

Module Two : A Polish Postfix Calculator

Polish Postfix
Polish postfix, pointers, linked lists
A Basic Program
The while loop, strcm-nap, functions in C
String Manipulation
strtok, strcspn, strspn, isdigit, if...else
Putting It All Together
atoi, strncpy, Stacks, switch, free

Module Three : A Weblog Analyzer.

Opening and Reading a File
Weblogs, file access, fopen, fgets
Data Structures
Bubble sort, dynamic arrays, typedef and struct, for loop
Parsing and Comparing Strings
Parsing strings, strtok, comparison functions
Bubble Sort and Saving Data to a File
Implementing a bubble sort, fputs

Module Four : A Machine Emulator.

A Machine Emulator
Describing the Machine
Assembly Language
The Assembly Instructions and a Sample Assembly Program
Constructing the Machine
Representing the Machine, enums and C Libraries
Setting up the Machine
Dynamic Allocation and Initialisation, Textmode and Screen Memory
Emulation Part I
CPU Emulation, Movement Instructions
Emulation Part II
Arithmetic and Logical Instructions
Emulation Part III
Shift/Rotate, Flag, Control and Input/Output Instructions

Module Five : Simple Graphics in C: A Space Invaders Game.

Introduction to Graphics in C
Graphics in C, Why use SDL?
First SDL Program
Setting up SDL in Pelles C, A First SDL Program

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