Getting Started

Now you may be thinking, "Oh my goodness, I need to go out and buy a C compiler, a linker, an IDE, a debugger, an assembler, a project file editor, etc, etc".

In short, no! Very decent C compilers and associated IDE's and linkers, etc, are available free. There are of course a few options, and I recommend getting hold of a number of the free ones available and giving them a try. However, not all C compilers are equal.

There are a number of things which you want to consider when picking a C compiler:

This is only a small number of considerations. The good news-na is that there are no free C compilers which do everything right. So you can give up trying to find the perfect compiler. Instead, if you are new to C programming, take my advice and run out and download Pelles C.

Once you have downloaded this program, install it on your computer (this is easy), and you are ready to start.

Pelles C will be useful since it has a sophisticated IDE, built-in compiler, debugger, linker, all sorts of tools and extra files for producing Windows-na programs and it is quite easy to use. Furthermore, all the code in this tutorial will compile on Pelles C.