FriedSpace Boredom Breakers

All of the websites below are different for one reason or another. Many of them are updated daily or weekly, and there's no shortage of new ideas and content presented on them. We'll keep adding to the list as we discover new ones. Enjoy!!


Updated Daily

Slashdot You've never heard of Slashdot? You poor deprived so and so! This is a "tech news-na" website which keeps you up to date with all the cool happenings in the world. Everything from new robot toys to major scientific breakthroughs to super cool (and way out) projects people have been working on. It's all there!

AzureGlobe Daily Photo Each of the daily photos on this site comes with a story. The photos vary from the mundane to the extraordinary, but very often when you know the story behind it, you see the photograph in a whole new light. I have this page on a permanent tab in my brows-naer.

Space Weather After seeing this site, you'll be enthusiastic about the sun! With information about major CME's (Coronal Mass Ejections) as they happen, auroras, meteorites and other heavenly wonders, this site has turned boring old astronomy into something exciting almost every day.

Religion News-na Blog Can you believe this guy collects all the religious news-na in the world!? From wierd and wacky stories about cults through to stonings, frauds being exposed and good things happening in the world of religion, this guy has it covered. Hey, they link to us as well. It's a miracle!!

Social Bookmarks Hundreds of people volunteer to have their bookmarks spied upon. Many times a day, someone somewhere finds an interesting website (perhaps not even in Google yet) and places it in their bookmarks. You get to see what they found! Great fun, but very addictive.


Updated Approximately Weekly

Mars Exploration Rovers Did you know we had two robots on Mars, roving around, sending photos back. Now!! These things are about a year past their warranty, but still turning up interesting stuff on the red planet.

Billy Bilang's Site This you have to see to believe. Go to the video section and look at the samplers. You'll see people doing things that you didn't think were possible for the human body. Prepare to have your eyes tricked! But it is all for real. No camera tricks, I promise!!

Other Great Fun Sites

The Degree Confluence Project Don't know what a confluence point is? Well it's time you learned buddy. This project is about visiting every single one in the world and photographing it. You can participate too, if you have a GPS, a digital camera and live in a remote region of the world.

Demo Scene You thought you had seen everything your computer could do. Not even close! These guys write 64 kb programs which contain a 15 minute soundtrack, a 3D graphics extravaganza and all the latest in computer trickery, just to show off their skills. Oh wait, did I say 64 mb? No, that was 64 kb, I kid you not! There is even a 4 kb category. Check out the entries from the "Assembly" parties (any year), "The Party" (earlier years), "The Gathering" and "Mekka and Symposium" (a few years ago). If you decide these things are fun to watch, don't worry, there's 40,000 more of them to see!! My favourite is the Prophecy demo. Just do a search for it. Alternatively go to Parties->Top Downloads in the menu on the left hand side, to see what other people thought were the best demos.

Mount Saint Helens Volcano Cam Yep, it's a volcano, and its on candid camera. Can't see anything? It's probably night time there, duh!!

Nehe's OpenGL Tutorials OK, my programming bias is coming through here, but if you ever wanted to know how to program in OpenGL (a graphics language) then this site makes it hella fun. Or if you can't program, you can just download the executables themselves and run them and have fun.